How Toastmasters work

At Toastmasters, we improve by speaking to the audience and helping each other in a supportive environment. A typical session is attended by 10 to 20 people, either club members or guests. The meeting lasts about two hours and generally consists of the following roles, which are taken by the club members on a rotating basis.

  • Chairman
    opens the meeting, leads the meeting, welcomes the speakers, gives short information about the speakers, schedule or events/li>
  • Word Master
    introduces and explains the "Word of the Day" – unknown or interesting word, sentence, expression - that is supposed to be used during the introduction circle or during following session
  • Invocation
    thoughtful thank or idea, invitation for an interesting event like exhibition, concert etc.
  • Table Topics Master
    prepares topics for impromptu (unprepared) speeches (1-2 minutes). Usually five questions given to five randomly chosen people. The audience evaluates them in a mini-contest
  • Table Topics Evaluator
    evaluates the topic chosen, the Table Topics Master's preformance and the speakers' presentations
  • Speaker
    presents a prepared speech on a free topic but methodically with help of the Toastmasters Manual. Usually two or three Speakers are introduced, 4-7 minutes each
  • Evaluators
    evaluate each speaker to provide him / her with valuable feedback regarding the strengths and weaknesses of the speech
  • General Evaluator
    evaluates the meeting as the whole
  • Timer
    measures time limits of all speeches, uses a set of cards to show the real time limits during the performance
  • Grammarian
    follows mistakes made during the whole session, reports and corrects them, and explains grammatical rules
  • Closing Thought
    can be a thoughtful idea or a joke to close the meeting