Where to speak English in Ostrava

There are not many opportunities to speak English in Ostrava apart from language schools. We decided to compile a list of places where to speak English in Ostrava.

Alba Club International
Non profit organisation that supports the integration of foreigners living in the Moravian region with the native Czech population. The club organises cultural events.
Read more: http://www.albaclubinternational.com

English Club Ostrava
A group of people who want to improve their English. They meet at least once a week to practice their English under a supervision of a professional lecturer.
Read more: http://www.anglickyklub.cz

English Coffee Ostrava
Once a week people just meet over a cup of coffee, glass of beer or Tequila shot ;) to sharpen their English.
Read more: http://cs-cz.facebook.com/EnglishCoffeeOstrava

Toastmasters Ostrava
Non-profit speaking club with regulary English sessions every even Wednesday
Read more: http://www.tmostrava.cz/

Vicarzhor is a theater group based in Ostrava. Performances are in English.
Read more: http://www.facebook.com/pages/Vicarzhor/

If you know about any other opportunity, organised on a regular basis, please let us know!